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About Us

Steady path is a consulting company helping to variety manufacturing industries in the appliance , industrial equipment and automotive industries.

Our 25 years of experience in industrial metal pretreatment and coating provide us the opportunity to deliver consultative services and meet customer needs. We love what we do and would appreciate the opportunity to assist you on any project.

In order to improve the quality of your production, we also offer advice on the chemicals and methods required to achieve the best quality.

Meet the CEO​

Experienced Chemist and Paint Line Consultant specializing in metal surface treatment and coating. With a strong background in chemical testing and analysis, and knowledge of nanotechnology, I provide comprehensive recommendations for improving paint lines, optimizing processes, and enhancing overall performance.

My services focus specifically on metal surface treatment and coating, where I leverage my expertise to identify areas for improvement and suggest targeted changes. By conducting thorough chemical testing and analysis, I can pinpoint the root causes of any issues or challenges in the paint line, enabling me to provide precise and effective recommendations. Whether it’s selecting the right chemicals, adjusting process parameters, I offer tailored solutions to help manufacturers achieve optimal results. My goal is to help clients reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance the quality and durability of their coatings.

With a commitment to continuous improvement and a deep understanding of the unique challenges in metal surface treatment and coating, I am dedicated to delivering exceptional consulting services that drive success for your organization.

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